Thursday, October 1, 2015

Got My First 2015 Bad Haircut Today

This morning I took my way-overlong old, frail, grey-ish hair into Supercuts and I again attempted to explain the situation around my ears, wanting so desperately not to end up with the short clumps, as usual, but with carefully thinned sideburns that would be sort of like, but never presuming to be just like, Rachel Maddow’s sideburns.  

Thao, the pretty Asian haircutter with the rich black hair that was easily two feet down her back, new person, not my usual Tiffany, who is also Asian but who works afternoons, suggested this and that, all with the idea that I would achieve more body if she went at me the way I could see she was going to.  

That gleam in her eye and all.  I had to have “lady” sideburns, not like a “man’s”, she told me, barely concealing her alarm.  So I let her do her thing and now that I have come home and tested myself in front of the bathroom mirror, that First Truth Test, I see that I look quite a bit like a GOP Presidential aspirant…more Jeb Bush than Ted Cruz, but nuts. 

And here I go again, trying to grow my hair out, zippity-fast every single minute of the day and night for weeks to come.

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