Introducing Fanny Windchimes

Fanny Windchimes notices things.  

She picks up clues to the Meaning of Life in supermarkets, often in the frozen vegetable aisle or between the sourdough bread racks.  

She's had epiphanies, signaled by raised eyebrows or a little "oh!" exclaimed around the shampoo display.  

Fanny accepts wisdom wherever she comes across it. In supermarkets. On park benches next to women in layered sweaters. In her car driving north on Highway 101. 


For Fanny, the world is full of wild and wondrous treasures and now she wants to share her wisdom with you.


  1. I often have Nothing Else To Do and look forward to your blog, now that I almost understand what blogs are.
    reporting in from Waikiki

  2. Entertaining, funny and charming--all at once.

  3. Have just now discovered the brilliant, prolific, wonderfully entertaining Fanny Windchimes...(AKA Barbino!) DELIGHTFUL!!!

    Continued success writing...'tis yet another of the magical things (like your artwork) you were born to do...

    Cheers with hugs...XOX
    Heather di Marco